A Successful Fundraiser:

Standing With Our Neighbors 

Our fundraising event at Party Downtown in November was sold-out and the food was wonderful. Our keynote speaker was wonderful.

Pete Mandrapa (in photo above), a longtime Eugene resident and retired teacher after working for 30 years as an employee of local school districts, told his personal experience of immigrating  to the US as a teenager from Yugoslavia. He worked and studied and graduated from college with a teaching degree. Our community has been richer because of his passion for teaching and contributions as a local peace activist.Pete told of helping a cousin get out of Serbia and to the US during the Serbian Bosnian war and how an organization such as the RRC would have been a wonderful asset at that time.

People donated from their hearts, and we are thankful!  After paying expenses, funds raised total $8,054 for the work of the Coalition. Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a successful evening.


Co-Chairs Needed

for World Refugee Day 2020

The 2020 World Refugee Day will focus on climate refugees. Being a co-chair involves helping locate speakers and coordinating with them, coordinating with the exhibits at the event, and working with the RRC Communications Team on publicity.  Does any of this interest you, or do you want more information?  Please contact Sharon Franklin at sharonfranklin01@gmail.com or Susan Schroeder at sschroeder1818@gmail.com. (Sharon has been the WRD chair for the past three years. Susan is the newsletter editor.)