Photo of pepperoni pizza with the word fundraiser in white letters over top

Papa’s Pizza Fundraiser May 16

To raise funds to cover the cost of our World Refugee Day event, we are holding a Papa’s Pizza fundraiser on Thursday, May 16. If you bring a copy of the flyer into Papa’s Pizza at 1700 W. 11th Avenue, Eugene, the RRC / RISP will receive 50% of the value of the food you purchase — all day long!

This is an excellent fundraiser, and we really appreciate Papa’s Pizza for offering this. Tell your friends!  Take your friends!  

Click here to download the flyer and print it

About Our Work

The Coalition partners with Catholic Community Services of Lane County (CCS) to support its Refugee and Immigrant Services Program (RISP.) Since 2016, RISP has provided case management and/or immigration legal services to hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants. For more information please see our About Us page.

Are you able to provide a financial donation to support our work?

Catholic Community Services, in partnership with the RRC, provides case management services to Afghan refugees and other refugees and asylum seekers in Lane County. Financial donations from the community help support this work. Go to our Donate page to find out how to make an online donation, or where to mail a check.​